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Spring into Summer Custom Design Event

Spring is here and so is the LunaTeal Spring into Summer Custom Design Event.  Everyone loves an opportunity to customize a piece of jewelry, right?!  I adore long necklaces and have designed three unique styles just in time for spring and summer.

Starting April 16th thru April 30th save 10% on custom design purchases plus we are waiving the custom design fee.  The necklace designs above start at $75.

Let your imagination run wild as you contemplate how to put your spin on these long necklace styles or dream up your signature piece and let us execute your vision.  Here at LunaTeal, we like to call it U Jewelry.

For details on gemstone & charm availability or other U Jewelry custom design services, email me at


They’re Back! …In Gold & Silver

Since March our best-selling earring, Simplicity, has been out of stock and I have received countless emails asking when they were coming back.

Well, I am so happy to share that as of today they are back…in 14k gold filled…and you asked for it…sterling silver too!!

Yes, happy days are here again because Simplicity earring is available just in time for the holiday gift giving season.

LunaTeal Jewelry Fashion Night Out Trunk Show

I wanted to invite you all out to the LunaTeal Jewelry Fashion Night Out Trunk Show as part of the Skin Care Logic Skin Care Happy Hour.

September 8th from 5pm to 7pm in the Mattison Avenue Salon Lobby at Watters Creek in Allen, visitors will receive gift bags, happy hour drinks, appetizers, beauty consultations, makeovers, 30% of all products from Skin Care Logic and up to 30% off a purchase (restrictions apply) from LunaTeal Jewelry (including custom design).

While you are there, be sure to stop by the other FNO events happening in the center.

I am so excited about this event; I hope to see you!

Sterling silver or gold: A matter of taste

Snow Quartz Circle Necklace in sterling silver

For some women, it’s a constant struggle to decide between sterling silver or gold accessories.  As with most trends in the fashion world, you can find jewelry designers who choose to work exclusively in one metal; however more and more designers are working in both metals when creating their line.

As a designer myself, I had always worked in sterling silver until this year.  It started with a personal desire to expand my jewelry wardrobe to include some necklace and earring sets in 14K gold-filled.  For those who do not know, gold-filled chain, wire and beads are created by bonding solid gold to a metal alloy.  The gold is drawn slightly into the metal alloy and will not wear off. This process allows the wearer to have all the benefits of pure gold without the costs and with reasonable care gold filled jewelry will last a lifetime.  Many of the pieces in my line are made with 14K gold-filled materials.

City Girl Pearls Necklace in 14K gold-filled

When deciding what pieces to add  to your jewelry wardrobe, don’t be too concerned with if it should be sterling silver or gold.  Look for pieces that accentuate you and your personal style.  I would never say limit your jewelry to only one type of metal, even base metals, unless you have some type of allergy that prevents you from wearing it.  The last thing you want is to have a bunch of jewelry you are unable to wear.

When searching for pieces that accentuate you and your personal style, think of all that you have in your closet…not just the outfit you have on at the time.  Often times when we are out shopping for jewelry, we tend to only try on and purchase pieces that fit with what we are wearing at that time.  So when we get home, we have a ton of jewelry that goes well with the outfit we have on but nothing else.

Lush LunaTeal Amazonite Earrings in sterling silver

Ladies, learn to be your own personal stylist!  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Many jewelry designers who work in both sterling silver and gold offer some mixed metal pieces in their collections.  It is no longer taboo to mix your gold with your silver.  The best way to start to work you way into this trend is to purchase some gold and silver chains of different types and different lengths.  Wear them at work or while at play.  As you become more comfortable, mix it up to make it work with your taste.  You will get compliments on your personal style and fierce desire to take chances when it comes to your jewelry wardrobe.

All the best,

This post is cross published on, the Dallas edition for the Dallas Jewelry Examiner.

Oh, what a night!

The girls over at Beading Dreams really know how to put together a great trunk show! I just got home from the Champagne Preview of the Fabulous Findings Trunk Show. I was treated to amazing champagne cocktails, lovely finger food and spectacular jewelry findings.

I had major sensory overload, but I was able to discover some unique findings as well as a few other items in their inventory.

The trunk show will run from tonight to April 19th. I will be back to discover more fabulous findings before it ends. If you are in the Dallas metroplex, check it out!!!

All the best,

PMC: Precious Metal Clay

At my favorite bead shop here in Dallas, Beading Dreams, I noticed they were offering a class called Introduction to PMC and another class called Polka Dot Ring.  Now, I’m not against taking classes, I just choose not to.  I like to try things out on my own and learn by trial and error.  That’s always been my style.  But this time, I decided to give these two classes a go.

Before I get into what the class taught me, let me define PMC: Precious Metal Clay.  PMC-fine silver particles bound together by organic matter.  Once fired, .999 fine silver is reveled.  Fine silver is a higher grade than sterling silver and does not tarnish.

The Introduction to PMC taught me beginner skills of how to use PMC in 3 forms: slip, syringe and lump clay.  Below you can see a picture of my work kit for the class.

Work kit for class

I am not that great using syringe to make a pendant as you will see in the photo below.  This is very hard and requires a steady hand.

Syringe Pendant w/Glass Cab

However, syringe is great to help bond elements of your lump clay together once dried to greenware.  (I know! I should have taken pictures all along the process, but I didn’t.)  Also below, you will see a leaf.

Leaf Pendant

I created this by painting approximately 12 coats of slip onto a leaf.  The leaf eventually falls off and once fired, we are left with the impression of the leaf we started with.  I love this design…so organic and plays right into the LunaTeal collection.  Expect more of these types of designs to come.  Below is the leaf with a liver of sulfur petina.  I didn’t care for it too much so we refired the pendant to burn it off and take it back to silver.

Leaf w/petina

We also got experience using molds.  I used a circular mold with a simple design just to see how it would turn out.  It turned out great!  Below you’ll ‘see a molded pendant with a garnet in the center.

Slap Pendant w/Garnet

Of all the items we crafted in class, this one is my favorite.  I also plan to create more molded or slab pendants for the collection.

As mentioned above, I also took a class called Polka Dot Ring class.  In this class, you take the basics learned in the Introduction to PMC and create a ring with cut out circles or polka dots of PMC.  In the picture you’ll see I also added a stone to this ring.  I used a yellow cz.

Polka Dot Ring

(Blogger’s Note:  There are certain gemstones that can be used and some that can not take the heat of the kiln.  Garnet, peridot and cz’s are great to use as well as a few other lab created stones.)  This is an ideal item for the LunaTeal collection and I am currently developing plans to add a modified version of this ring and well as a few other ring styles.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my PMC creations!

All the best,