“What Gemstone Is That?” Series: Labradorite

The gemstone this week is: Labradorite

photo courtesy of crystal-cure.com

Labradorite, [ˈla-brə-ˌdȯr-ˌīt], has a beautiful red, blue, or green iridescence with faint white streaks and darker hues that make this mineral so attractive.  The play of color with this gemstone is enchanting.  Labradorite has been found in many places all over the world like Canada.

Labradorite makes a beautiful presentation in these LunaTeal Jewelry designs:

Quiet Storm

Jewel Rush

 Folklore says labradorite brings strong imagination and gets your creative juices flowing.

References: Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica and Emily Gems, joyful crystals and gemstones


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