“What Gemstone Is That?” Series: Kyanite

The gemstone this week is: Kyanite

photo courtesy of crystal-cure.com

Kyanite, [ˈkī-ə-ˌnīt], is a very fragile mineral that comes in colors that range from colorless to gray, yellow, orange, blue and blue-green.  Most commonly found colors of kyanite are blue and blue-green.  Kyanite has been found in many places all over the world like the United States and Brazil.

Kyanite makes a beautiful presentation in these LunaTeal Jewelry designs:

Calypso Breeze


Jewel Rush

 Folklore says kyanite brings balance and tranquility.

References: Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica and Emily Gems, joyful crystals and gemstones


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