“What Gemstone Is That?” Series: Apatite

The gemstone of the week is: Apatite

Apatite, of the rich blue-green shade, makes a beautiful presentation paired with Blue Topaz and Snow Quartz in our Wet My Apatite earrings.

Apatite, [ˈa-pə-ˌtīt], is a very fragile mineral that comes in colors that range from colorless to blue, blue-green, pink or brown.  Most seen colors of apatite are blue and blue-green.  Apatite has been found in many places all over the world like Mexico, South Africa and the United States. 

Folklore says blue apatite increases awareness, inspiration and enlightens the mind. 

References: Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica and Emily Gems, joyful crystals and gemstones


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