“What Gemstone Is That?” Series: Prehnite

Often times I am asked “What gemstone is that?” or “Is that gemstone real?”  LunaTeal Jewelry uses only natural, from the earth gemstones in all of our pieces.  Gemstones may be color enhanced via an industry standard process however the materials themselves are genuine.

“We’ll why have I not heard of some of the gemstones you use?”  I’m glad you asked! 

Sourcing gemstones to create our beautiful jewelry is one of the highlights of the creative process for me.  Being that I have collected natural faceted gemstones for over 10 years, I have come in contact with many gemstones the general consumer public has little knowledge of.  I choose to use some of these lesser known gemstones in the LunaTeal line more frequently to give customers a chance to have something unique.

Each Thursday during the month of April, I will highlight one gemstone found in the LunaTeal line.  The purpose is to help educate consumers on the gemstones many probably will never see in mass quantity in the everyday fine jewelry stores.

The gemstone of the week is:  Prehnite

Prehnite (in the middle) makes a beautiful presentation in our Pet Rock necklace.

 Prehnite, [prey-nahyt, pren-ahyt], is a mineral named after Dutch Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn (1733-1785).  Colors can range from colorless to yellow to yellow green.  Prehnite has been found in many places all over the world like Italy, France, and New Jersey. 

Folklore says prehnite represent unconditional love, relaxes the mind and increases awareness. 

I’m going to start meditating with prehnite!! 

“Ommmmmmmm, ommmmmmmm”.


References: Random House Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica and Emily Gems, joyful crystals and gemstones


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