Story of the Sapphire Charm

My company & I have something very special in common. We were both born in September. Matter of fact, I conceived LunaTeal Jewelry on September 16, 2009. Ten days before my birthday.

Once things got underway, I decided to order jewelry tags stamped with “LTJ” to mark my bracelets & necklaces.  While planning everything else, I got sidetracked & forgot to place the order.

In late 2010, my mind circled back to how I can make LTJ stand out & the idea of jewelry tags resurfaced.  But before placing the order I asked myself aloud, “Why mark your jewelry with a simple tag when you can use something different, something precious…like a sapphire?!”.  Sapphire is our birthstone & I believed this to be perfectly fitting.

All LTJ bracelets & necklaces are marked with a blue sapphire charm.  Look for this signature charm to come in all shapes and sizes.

Image via Stars & Gems


5 responses to “Story of the Sapphire Charm

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  2. If I could get married all over again (and I would to the same man!) I would choose blue sapphire for the colors. So good.

  3. Love that! I think the blue sapphire charm is a creative way to make your jewelry distinctive.


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