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Story of the Sapphire Charm

My company & I have something very special in common. We were both born in September. Matter of fact, I conceived LunaTeal Jewelry on September 16, 2009. Ten days before my birthday.

Once things got underway, I decided to order jewelry tags stamped with “LTJ” to mark my bracelets & necklaces.  While planning everything else, I got sidetracked & forgot to place the order.

In late 2010, my mind circled back to how I can make LTJ stand out & the idea of jewelry tags resurfaced.  But before placing the order I asked myself aloud, “Why mark your jewelry with a simple tag when you can use something different, something precious…like a sapphire?!”.  Sapphire is our birthstone & I believed this to be perfectly fitting.

All LTJ bracelets & necklaces are marked with a blue sapphire charm.  Look for this signature charm to come in all shapes and sizes.

Image via Stars & Gems


LunaTeal Jewelry Sweet Sneak Peek

Jewel Rush Necklaces

These are my favorite necklaces to wear & create! 

Jewel Rush Necklaces coordinate well with Circuitry Bracelets currently available in the LunaTeal Jewelry online boutique.

Stay tuned! Jewel Rush Necklaces are due out  in late February.

If you can’t wait til then & want to custom create a necklace,  email me at with your desires.