Ah-ha! Marketing & Branding Can Be Fun

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting with Di & Sam; the two girls from UTD who are rebranding my company for their project in a marketing & branding class. From the moment I sat down with them, the level of professionalism was amazing. They are fun, have a great ability to listen & an ability develop materials that bring together all the important elements.

To start, they presented a creative brief of my company making note of my likes, wants & dislikes as discussed in previous calls. As part of the creative brief, I was presented with several graphics of great logos. All of which were beautiful and original. They were very thoughtful and attentive to see the big picture and the small details. When the final project is unveiled, you see what I mean.

After selecting graphics to move forward with, Di & Sam began asking questions and making plans to move on to the next steps in the process. The questions were focused on business card, mini card and jewelry tag design. This conversation sparked a length discussion on marketing strategies and marketing materials like brochure designs, website design, photography, advertising and product placement. These girls have some great contacts that can help make some of this “easy”.

Overall, the meeting with Di & Sam was the most successful I’d had with anyone regarding marketing & branding for my company. We were very relaxed and I loved that. I’ve already decided, I’d love to hire these girls!

All the best,

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