Silver & Gold Birthday Bliss Giveaway

I am huge on birthdays and decided a giveaway would be a great way to celebrate our first fabulous year in business. To enter, post a comment answering this question: What is your favorite birthday memory and why?

THIS IS A ONE (1) DAY GIVEAWAY!!! Get your entry(s) in quick! One (1) winner will be selected at random on September 17th. Check out the prize below!

For an additional entry, tweet this message: I entered the @lunateal birthday giveaway! To enter, go to, subscribe & look for the sticky-post.

Hope you win!!

All the best,


20 responses to “Silver & Gold Birthday Bliss Giveaway

  1. What gorgeous earrings! I love the colors…
    Please count me in!
    Many thanks, Cindi

    • My favorite birthday memory is when I had my very first friend birthday party! It was a surprise when I was 7 years old…Great memories!
      Thanks, Cindi

  2. “Tweet!”
    Again, many thanks to you…Cindi

  3. My favorite birthday memory is when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My parents had me a party out back of our house and my dad got me a Cabbage Patch which I loved and my Granny was there and got me this very cute stuffed animal. I don’t know why this birthday sticks with me but it always has.

  4. I remember when I was 20 and lived in the dorm at the university, my friends prepared a party for me and I was given 20 long dark red roses. it was great! I couldnt sleep at night and looked at the dark bunch of flowers in the moonlight.:-)

  5. The first year we were married my husband organized a secret surprise entire day at the spa for me. It was the most thoughtful, most romantic thing & I will always remember it.

  6. My favorite memory was when I turned 13 and had a party. My friends were there and it was so special to me.

    I love the earrings. please count me in.

  7. My favorite birthday memory is from when I turned 12 and my classmates came over to my place with a huge bouquet of purple chrysanthemums. I was very touched by their warmth and desire to spend that particular day with me, celebrating and having fun. Thank you.

  8. My favorite birthday memory was shortly after my divorce. My family asked me to come over for dinner and I arrived wearing a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt to find out they had planned a huge surprise birthday party for me; all my friends, family and coworkers were there. Even though I was quite underdressed for the occasion, we had a great time and it was a much needed pick-me-up after my divorce.

  9. Tweeted:

  10. My most recent birthday when my family visited me as I was living in another city. Everyone loved the restaurant I picked and I got to eat key lime pie!

  11. tweet!

  12. Every little girl’s dream is a pony, right? Well I was lucky enough to get one on my tenth birthday!! I loved that pony and it quickly became a family pet. That was and still is my favorite birthday memory. 🙂

  13. My parents had a neighbor build me a marvelous, wonderful wooden dollhouse when I was about five. It was so perfect and I still remember how special I felt.

  14. When I was 17 we were very poor. Both of my parents had lost their jobs within a few months of each other. I didn’t expect anything for my birthday and I was fine with that. But, when my school bus pulled up in front of the house there were all of these handmade signs and balloons and streamers all over the front yard. I was so touched to think of the amount of effort that went in to the decorating. I later found out my mom was even chased by a big oak snake at one point. Inside the house was decorated and mom had made a cake and dug up left over decorations and party supplies from many past parties. It was quite the mix. There was also a large stuffed dog and a teddy bear for gifts with red bows attached. I get a smile and a lump in my throat whenever I look at the pics taken that day.

  15. My favorite birthday memory was my 21st. My mom had her ring remade for me with opals. The ring was originally my grandma’s and it was a pulley on a lovelier. This hierloom piece was given to me with such love.


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