LunaTeal Jewelry Enters The Classroom

I’m so excited about a wonderful opportunity I’ve been given. My company will be part of a Marketing and Branding class at The University of Texas at Dallas, my alma mater. This is an upper level class taught by the Director of Marketing. One student will have the opportunity to rebrand LTJ and offer wonderful advice on what marketing steps I should take to move my company forward.

Diane, better known as Di, selected my company to work with. She’s very close to graduating with a BA in Business Administration. Di said when my website was shown, 20 students raised their hands to contact me. How exciting?! Typically, students choose a major company, say Coca Cola or McDonald’s to review, but LTJ offers a real-time opportunity for a student to have an impact on a company.

Our first call was tonight and it was a “get to know you” type call. We discussed a little bit about ourselves to get the conversation rolling. Then we moved into discussing the project and my company: previous logo, new logo, my objectives and desires.

I am looking forward to see what Di suggests for LTJ. I’ll create a short post each week or each call to share her thoughts as well as mine as we work on this together.

All the best,

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