My Designing Mind

I noticed something really interesting about how I design. I find inspiration all around me and can be very productive at times when I’m focused. In my mind, I seem to become fixated on something, let’s say earrings, and for weeks I’ll design earrings. Then all of a sudden, the desire to design necklaces hits me-that was last week. I’ve designed several in the last week and am still sketching possibilities.

I wonder if this is normal? đŸ™‚

All the best,

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2 responses to “My Designing Mind

  1. This is a very interesting point, actually. For some reason I thought the creative process is the same for everybody ( maybe because I read a book about it and it got stuck in my mind :))…. But I never felt the affection for a shape or material or color.

    • Yes, I always thought the creative process was the same for everyone as well. It’s interesting when you begin to notice the quirky things you do when creating.

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