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And The Winner Is….

I love birthdays!  Thanks everyone who entered the Silver & Gold Birthday Bliss Giveaway!  I truly enjoyed reading all the comments.

The winner is Angie Bailey, aka @theladya!

Look for more contests coming soon! This was fun!

All the best,


Silver & Gold Birthday Bliss Giveaway

I am huge on birthdays and decided a giveaway would be a great way to celebrate our first fabulous year in business. To enter, post a comment answering this question: What is your favorite birthday memory and why?

THIS IS A ONE (1) DAY GIVEAWAY!!! Get your entry(s) in quick! One (1) winner will be selected at random on September 17th. Check out the prize below!

For an additional entry, tweet this message: I entered the @lunateal birthday giveaway! To enter, go to, subscribe & look for the sticky-post.

Hope you win!!

All the best,

LunaTeal Jewelry Sweet Sneak Peek

I love giving sweet sneak peeks to what I’ve been working on and what’s to come!  Say hello to the Lola Cuff!

The structure of this cuff was created by my local bead boutique.  The cuff can be any color scheme you choose, 14k gold-filled or sterling silver or even mixed metal—this piece can be customized anyway you like.

My favorite thing about the Lola Cuff is that its fun and you can wear it with anything—jeans to cocktail wear.  I also love wrapping and playing with wire, so hand-crafting each cuff is enjoyable.

Lola Cuff has not made it to the retail site yet BUT…it’s coming soon. To custom design your cuff for fall or to order from current summer stock, contact me via email at

Pricing information:
Summer Stock
14K Gold-Filled-$200
Sterling Silver-$150

Fall Custom Order
14K Gold-Filled-$250
Sterling Silver-$200

All the best,

The Mini-Rebranding Effort Welcomes A New Face

The UTD student effort to offer me branding & marketing advice is underway! I recently found out that Di decided to combine efforts with Samantha, better known as Sam, to work on Project LunaTeal. I am so excited about this!

I spoke with Sam moments ago and am really impressed with where these ladies ideas are taking them. Working with students is going to be fun and offer fresh ideas. I never got fresh ideas when I worked with established marketing companies…with the exception of Merritt Beck Media. Many worked within a formula that didn’t fit my company and they seemed to struggle with ideas that didn’t involve the moon & the color teal. Yes, I get it…I named my company LunaTeal, but it’s not going to be a cliché. These girls get me! They can think outside of the box and they want to do a good job. This is a partnership and I’m happy with where things are going.

All the best,

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LTJ: Turning One

Who doesn’t love their birthday?! Who doesn’t love a good giveaway?!

On September 16th, LunaTeal Jewelry will celebrate our first fabulous year in business. I have done a lot of thinking on how to commemorate this first birthday-it’s a major milestone.

I finally decided on the perfect way to rejoice in this occasion! Starting on our birthday, I’ll be hosting an exclusive earring duo giveaway. Entry will be super easy.

To enter, subscribe to my blog,, if you haven’t already. Starting on September 16th, there will be a post titled “Silver & Gold Birthday Bliss Giveaway” read & leave a comment describing your favorite birthday memory. The only way to enter is to be subscribed to my blog. This post will not be tweeted as usual, so if you plan to wait for the tweet…you will miss out & I don’t want anyone to miss out!

One (1) winner will be selected at random to win a set of earrings, one (1) sterling silver pair & one (1) 14k gold-filled pair.

The post will also share an additional way to enter! 🙂

Hope you enter!!! Hope you win!!!

All the best,

Photo Title: Happy Birthday
Photographer: Salvatore Vuono

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Lovely New Header

Really working to create a consistent brand. Yay! Check out the lovely new header courtesy of Merritt Beck Media.

All the best,

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LunaTeal Jewelry Enters The Classroom

I’m so excited about a wonderful opportunity I’ve been given. My company will be part of a Marketing and Branding class at The University of Texas at Dallas, my alma mater. This is an upper level class taught by the Director of Marketing. One student will have the opportunity to rebrand LTJ and offer wonderful advice on what marketing steps I should take to move my company forward.

Diane, better known as Di, selected my company to work with. She’s very close to graduating with a BA in Business Administration. Di said when my website was shown, 20 students raised their hands to contact me. How exciting?! Typically, students choose a major company, say Coca Cola or McDonald’s to review, but LTJ offers a real-time opportunity for a student to have an impact on a company.

Our first call was tonight and it was a “get to know you” type call. We discussed a little bit about ourselves to get the conversation rolling. Then we moved into discussing the project and my company: previous logo, new logo, my objectives and desires.

I am looking forward to see what Di suggests for LTJ. I’ll create a short post each week or each call to share her thoughts as well as mine as we work on this together.

All the best,

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