Monthly Archives: July 2010

the fine art of jewelry: Retooling

I have been very busy brainstorming new designs for two new collections launching in September and working to retool the fine art of jewelry blog so please excuse the mess as you may see changes from day to day.  Hang in there!

Positive changes and great stuff are coming!  We are working on some stellar fresh content for our readers and can’t wait to begin sharing it all.  The first article soon so be sure to subscribe because you will not want to miss the content we pulling together. Blog posts will continue to be sent out to those who following me on Twitter as well.  I am doing everything to keep you in the know of all things LunaTeal!  As always, if you have any questions or anything you would like mentioned on the blog, please email me directly! I always have my handy BlackBerry at my side!

All the best,