Growth, it’s a wonderful thing!

I have been so busy trying to prepare for the July 1st launch of the new collection. I TOTALLY revamped the website! Yay! I had a shoot with an excellent photographer. She’s great! I had a superb time with her & her business manager…her mother. They are very kind and wonderful people. Her name is Margot Landen and her company is Dot to Dot Pictures. She is a great photographer and is in high demand. You will see her photos on the new LunaTeal site. There will also be link to her website. She’s young, talented and has a great eye. Please check her out. I just know you’ll love her work!

The biggest and most exciting thing that has happened was finding someone to handle all aspects of public relations for LunaTeal Jewelry. Obviously, having someone prepare stellar marketing materials, press releases and pitch to boutiques will really help me make a huge splash. I am not able to do everything myself! Kittie is super knowledgeable and I am honored to be working with her. She, too, can be contacted via a link on the new website.

All in all, I am very excited about what’s coming! Stay tuned…there are some EXCELLENT & EXCITING things to come! I promise…

All the best,

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