Sterling silver or gold: A matter of taste

Snow Quartz Circle Necklace in sterling silver

For some women, it’s a constant struggle to decide between sterling silver or gold accessories.  As with most trends in the fashion world, you can find jewelry designers who choose to work exclusively in one metal; however more and more designers are working in both metals when creating their line.

As a designer myself, I had always worked in sterling silver until this year.  It started with a personal desire to expand my jewelry wardrobe to include some necklace and earring sets in 14K gold-filled.  For those who do not know, gold-filled chain, wire and beads are created by bonding solid gold to a metal alloy.  The gold is drawn slightly into the metal alloy and will not wear off. This process allows the wearer to have all the benefits of pure gold without the costs and with reasonable care gold filled jewelry will last a lifetime.  Many of the pieces in my line are made with 14K gold-filled materials.

City Girl Pearls Necklace in 14K gold-filled

When deciding what pieces to add  to your jewelry wardrobe, don’t be too concerned with if it should be sterling silver or gold.  Look for pieces that accentuate you and your personal style.  I would never say limit your jewelry to only one type of metal, even base metals, unless you have some type of allergy that prevents you from wearing it.  The last thing you want is to have a bunch of jewelry you are unable to wear.

When searching for pieces that accentuate you and your personal style, think of all that you have in your closet…not just the outfit you have on at the time.  Often times when we are out shopping for jewelry, we tend to only try on and purchase pieces that fit with what we are wearing at that time.  So when we get home, we have a ton of jewelry that goes well with the outfit we have on but nothing else.

Lush LunaTeal Amazonite Earrings in sterling silver

Ladies, learn to be your own personal stylist!  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Many jewelry designers who work in both sterling silver and gold offer some mixed metal pieces in their collections.  It is no longer taboo to mix your gold with your silver.  The best way to start to work you way into this trend is to purchase some gold and silver chains of different types and different lengths.  Wear them at work or while at play.  As you become more comfortable, mix it up to make it work with your taste.  You will get compliments on your personal style and fierce desire to take chances when it comes to your jewelry wardrobe.

All the best,

This post is cross published on, the Dallas edition for the Dallas Jewelry Examiner.


2 responses to “Sterling silver or gold: A matter of taste

  1. LOVE it. Do you have any sales points in Belgium?

    • Hi! Thanks so much! No I do not have any sales points in Belgium. I’d love to have my jewelry sold in other countries!!!! Any suggestions on how to do that?!

      Is there something you’d like to purchase? I do not sell internationally at this time, but we could work something out.

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