My new obsession: Beer Quartz & Lemon Quartz

Beer Quartz single & Lemon Quartz strandsMost times I can be found wondering around one of the local bead boutiques.  I hardly ever go in with a plan or shopping list because they always have something new they want to show me.

Earlier this week, I was in search of something that could add a different element of style to my personal jewelry wardrobe.  While picking up components from Splendor in the Grass for my jewelry design company LunaTeal Jewelry, Kristin showed me something I’d been searching for a long time for.  Gem quality beer quartz!  Beer quartz can have a pale to deep honey color and is sometimes called honey quartz or whiskey quartz.  The beer quartz I was shown were faceted coin rounds with a top drill (see the photo).  These were a great find for $4 per bead!

I also visited The Artful Bead in Carrollton this week.  While browsing their gemstone bead wall, I came across gem quality lemon quartz!   Lemon quartz can have a pale to deep tan lemon color.  The store only had small and medium sized round beads on a strand, and I bought all that they had. (see the photo)  These were a great find for $12 per strand.

Quartz is a quality, affordable gemstone that comes in many different colors.  Gem quality bear quartz and lemon quartz are hard to find and I hit the jackpot this week!  These gemstones pack great colors that can be worn during any season. The colors are classy and can add spice to your jewelry wardrobe.

All the best,

This post is cross published on, the Dallas edition for the Dallas Jewelry Examiner.


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