PMC: Precious Metal Clay

At my favorite bead shop here in Dallas, Beading Dreams, I noticed they were offering a class called Introduction to PMC and another class called Polka Dot Ring.  Now, I’m not against taking classes, I just choose not to.  I like to try things out on my own and learn by trial and error.  That’s always been my style.  But this time, I decided to give these two classes a go.

Before I get into what the class taught me, let me define PMC: Precious Metal Clay.  PMC-fine silver particles bound together by organic matter.  Once fired, .999 fine silver is reveled.  Fine silver is a higher grade than sterling silver and does not tarnish.

The Introduction to PMC taught me beginner skills of how to use PMC in 3 forms: slip, syringe and lump clay.  Below you can see a picture of my work kit for the class.

Work kit for class

I am not that great using syringe to make a pendant as you will see in the photo below.  This is very hard and requires a steady hand.

Syringe Pendant w/Glass Cab

However, syringe is great to help bond elements of your lump clay together once dried to greenware.  (I know! I should have taken pictures all along the process, but I didn’t.)  Also below, you will see a leaf.

Leaf Pendant

I created this by painting approximately 12 coats of slip onto a leaf.  The leaf eventually falls off and once fired, we are left with the impression of the leaf we started with.  I love this design…so organic and plays right into the LunaTeal collection.  Expect more of these types of designs to come.  Below is the leaf with a liver of sulfur petina.  I didn’t care for it too much so we refired the pendant to burn it off and take it back to silver.

Leaf w/petina

We also got experience using molds.  I used a circular mold with a simple design just to see how it would turn out.  It turned out great!  Below you’ll ‘see a molded pendant with a garnet in the center.

Slap Pendant w/Garnet

Of all the items we crafted in class, this one is my favorite.  I also plan to create more molded or slab pendants for the collection.

As mentioned above, I also took a class called Polka Dot Ring class.  In this class, you take the basics learned in the Introduction to PMC and create a ring with cut out circles or polka dots of PMC.  In the picture you’ll see I also added a stone to this ring.  I used a yellow cz.

Polka Dot Ring

(Blogger’s Note:  There are certain gemstones that can be used and some that can not take the heat of the kiln.  Garnet, peridot and cz’s are great to use as well as a few other lab created stones.)  This is an ideal item for the LunaTeal collection and I am currently developing plans to add a modified version of this ring and well as a few other ring styles.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my PMC creations!

All the best,


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